Festivals and large events DJ hire

5 Tips to the Best Festivals and Large Events DJ Hire When you opt for festivals and large events DJ hire, you’ll get what you pay for. However, the cost of hiring depends on five main attributes a DJ should have. These attributes are ability, knowledge, dependability, superior DJ equipment and experience. You have peace of mind when you find a DJ with these attributes. Why You Need a Professional DJ? You hire a DJ for festivals and large events in Sydney because you rely on them to turn up for the event and do a great job. The DJ should come to the venue on time, be dressed appropriately, conduct themselves in a professional manner and play the non-stop music that is apt for the event. In addition, a DJ should be a confident and articulate public speaker, as you will want them to motivate the crowd, make announcements and create the right mood for the event. Considering there is so much at stake when organising a festival or any other large event, you definitely don’t want to risk anything, including your festivals and large events DJ hire. Choosing the Best DJ Here are some tips that will help you choose the perfect DJ for your festival or large event.
  1. Your Expectations: List down what you want the DJ to do. For instance, would you want the DJ to just play music and refrain from talking? Or would you want the DJ to do both? Do you want the DJ to be interactive with the crowd or be sophisticated and quiet? Most professional and reputed DJs are comfortable donning any image you’d like them to, but some aren’t.
  2. The Music: The DJ should have the music you want played at your event. In fact, it is advisable to hire a DJ, who specialises in playing the kind of music you want, be it Trans, Hip-Hop, Rock or Heavy Metal. Be very clear about the amount of music you want, as the DJ should bring that many records and CDs.
  3. Experience: This perhaps is the biggest selection criterion for festivals and large event DJ hire in Sydney. You want a DJ, who has the experience of playing music at large events. This way the DJ will be able to read the pulse of the people and play music accordingly.
  4. Equipment: Since this is a large event, the equipment will be different. Typically, large events are held outdoors or in large enclosed spaces. They require different kind of DJ equipment. So, DJ should have the right equipment based on the venue and number of people attending the event.
  5. Flexibility: Some events require DJs to be flexible and take requests to play music on demand. This depends on the type of event you’re organising and you will want a DJ who will play music based on your instructions.
Festivals and large events DJ hire should never be left to chance. It requires careful planning and selection. With TJ Your Mobile DJ, you can’t go wrong with your DJ hire in Sydney. We have talented, professional and experienced DJs, who can easily make your festival and/or large event a grand success. Call us on 02 8035 3449 to find out more. Or, use our convenient online Enquiry Form.