Photobooth Hire in Liverpool, Photo Booth Hire

When you are planning any party or event, your primary objective is to ensure that everything is planned perfectly and that your guests enjoy themselves thoroughly. You want them to have good memories of the event even after it’s over. We at TJ Your Mobile DJ, are highly committed to ensuring that we add the perfect measure of the fun quotient to enhance the enjoyment of your guests. Our Photobooth Hire in Liverpool, Photo Booth Hire is in high demand and many people from across the region that are looking for something unique for their event opt for this service.

Photobooth Hire in Liverpool

What’s so special about photobooths?

Some of our customers who aren’t aware about the photobooth hire concept wonder whether this can really be an interesting way to keep their guests entertained. Most people feel that music, entertainment and food is more than enough. While all these aspects are important, Photobooth Hire in Liverpool, Photo Booth Hire adds a very distinctive and unique touch to any event or party. Since we started this service, we have seen first-hand exactly how much people enjoy themselves when there is a photobooth at any party venue. Take a look at why you should opt for this service for your next event:
  • Pure entertainment– As mentioned earlier, many people are sceptical about whether Photobooth Hire will really work wonders for their event. But once you have this installation at your event, you will realise that photo booths bring out the child in people.  You will find adults actually crowding around the booth and they are as eager as children, to get their pictures taken.
  • Interaction – The other interesting thing you will notice is that  the photo booth becomes a very effective ice breaker and  even  people that don’t know each other will start mingling and having fun at  the event.
  • Versatile installation- This feature is perfect for any type of occasion, ranging from birthday parties to corporate ones, or even baby showers and anniversary parties etc. These are extremely versatile installations that fit in perfectly on any venue and at just about any event.
  • Online – Our photobooths  have the functionality to  upload the pictures you have taken, straight to the Internet. In fact, you can share them via your social media profiles  and instantly share those with your friends. In fact, corporates find this feature very useful as  it helps in their marketing efforts.
Why opt for our Photobooth Hire in Liverpool? We cater to all types of events
  • The photobooths have hardened 17” touch screens and tilting camera trays
  • The integrated LED lights provide sufficient light so you get excellent photographs
  • Printer that allows your guests to quickly print their photos.
  • Different  stands backdrps & props to add an element of fun and games to your photobooth.
For any more details about our Photobooth Hire in Liverpool, Photo Booth Hire, do call us at 02 8035 3449. The  TJ Your Mobile DJ experts will provide you all the information you need. For queries you want to send us online, please use this contact us form.